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BUSSID Motor Mod – Talking about mobile games is not complete if we don’t discuss one of the local games made by Indonesians that have gone global, this is the Indonesian bus simulator game or more familiar with the name BUSSID. This simulation genre game made by maleo developer is no less cool than games made in foreign countries.

This Indonesian bus simulator game aka BUSSID has high quality graphics plus a background game with beautiful Indonesian views. Yes, when you play this BUSSID game, you will find the scenery around the roads and cities that you are traveling through as if you were in Indonesia which looks very real.

On the side of the road you will see typical places such as on the streets around us, such as mosques, gas stations, catfish pecel, terminals, rice fields, and others. Not only that, in this BUSSID game you can also create your vehicle by using vehicle livery from various autobus companies in Indonesia.

Even what makes it even more exciting, is that you can change the type of bus vehicle with various choices. Now on this occasion Mimin will share the BUSSID motor mods from various well-known motorcycle brands in the country such as the BUSSID mod motorbike RX King, Beat, Honda CBR, and others.

For those of you who want to have fun playing the BUSSID game by changing your BUSSID motorbike mod. Please download directly below.

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