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Who doesn’t know the whatsapp application. Yes, this chat application can be said to be an application that must be installed by all smartphone users. Whatsapp has a myriad of advanced features that make it easy for its users to carry out remote communication activities such as chat, voice calls, video calls, and others.

It’s no wonder that WhatsApp is the most popular chat application that has the most users around the world. Apart from having a myriad of cool features, WhatsApp can also be said to be the most active application updating various new features or updates so that it makes users feel more comfortable using WhatsApp.

Talking about the whatsapp application, this application is identical to be used in mobile operating systems based on Android and iOS. But you need to know that the WhatsApp application can also be used on the Tizen-based mobile operating system, or more precisely used on the Samsung J2 smartphone.

Well, on this occasion Mimin will share the download link for WhatsApp Tizen for Samsung J2 and other complete reviews of WhatsApp Tizen. So for those of you Samsung J2 users who are looking for WhatsApp information, please read this article until it’s finished. The following is the full review.

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